Signature IT Projects at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has created award-winning IT solutions that demonstrate our commitment to creating innovative solutions for our clients. Such technologies include:

  • Electronic Trading, AES®:A market-leading algorithmic trading system that uses mathematical models to trade securities without human intervention. Used by traders around the world in 40 nations on six continents.
  • Merlin FX Mobile App: Credit Suisse’s proprietary system for foreign exchange (FX) options pricing and trading. Merlin allows clients to trade foreign exchange options anytime, anywhere via mobile phone or tablet.
  • Locus Fixed Income Application: A multi-product application for clients, sales, trading and research teams in fixed income, Locus delivers live market data, calculators, the ability to analyze and track trade ideas and collaborate using instant messaging and email.
  • Monte Carlo Load Balancing: In partnership with the Wroclaw Development Agency and the Wroclaw University, Credit Suisse has plans to initiate a research project to increase the performance and balance load of our Monte Carlo farm, simulations used to assess the impact of risk, particularly in the pricing of derivatives.